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Powerstep is currently a leading metals recycling company with a long positive history.

Started in Europe after the end of the second world war, and shortly thereafter initially expanding to both North and South America.

Around 1990 Powerstep started to develop their business in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and since then in 2016 further expansion to Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Powerstep was able to grow, thanks to their local and international knowledge and overall comprehensive experience in the many varied markets of "Complex international scrap metal recycling".

In tandem their long term very reliable and professional staff were always available to work very closely with you.

Currently we are one of the World's major recycling groups, active in nonferrous metal scraps, ferrous scraps, e waste and shredder residues mainly in Europe Asia and South America.

Powerstep has now developed new skills in world markets to recycle plastics, paper,cardboard and rubber and are currently coordinating business with the all the major local and international recycling companies.

Powerstep executives and staff from our many locations will attend all the events of the major recycling associations, MRAI/ ISRI / BIR / CMRA, and be at the recycling fairs, in order to regularly meet and service our business partners.

We are taking new technology and environmental protection as our initial fundamental starting point.

Thereafter customer and seamless service ability, creating a waste to treasure business philosophy and style.

Fast checkout to improve the recycling process, thereby providing you with the best possible overall service.

Looking forward to working in cooperation with you very soon.

Our skilled efficient service is speedily available to you, just ask!

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